Have you ever noticed at a family or neighborhood gathering that the first thing completely devoured are the crispy marshmallow squares? No one can resist this popular and tasty snack!

In October 2006, Choice Foods was formed and relaunched the Angela Marie’s Marshmallow Munchie brands. Our products are distributed in grocery store bakeries and convenience stores nationwide. We also serve many niche markets, including food service and private label.

Our principle product is the Original Marshmallow Munchie, a combination of crisp rice and creamy marshmallow. In addition, our rice crispy goodies are available in chocolate chip, peanut butter, fruity, and S’mores, along with an indulgent collection that includes Rocky Road and Chocolate Caramel. We also offer seasonal varieties, such as Valentine’s, Spring, Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas.

Marshmallow Munchies are made to order. They get to market fast to ensure that consumers enjoy our fresh, homemade taste. Our crispy marshmallow squares are a classic American Treat. Grab one today and see why Marshmallow Munchies are an ideal option for you!